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Game Days 2016

The Eleventh Annual Tennessee Game Days Convention will be March 4-6, 2016.

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Tennessee Game Days XI
set for March 4-6, 2016!

TGD X was a great testament to ten years of gathering for the best board and card games around. It also provided another huge spike in attendance. What will TGD XI bring? More of the same!

This year we are adding more fun and excitment to the weekend! For TGD 2016, we have added:

  • More Space - After another year that saw another increase in attendees, it was clear TGD needed more room to grow. So we've increased our peak space by 50%. There will be plenty of room for all the fun - so tell your friends and fellow gamers this is the year to try out TGD.
  • More Time - We are excited to be trying out additional THURSDAY NIGHT gaming this year. This is a limited experiment, but for those involved TGD will officially kick off on Thursday night for a subset of attendees. Want to start your fun 12 hours earlier? There are two ways to get involved currently (1) stay at the hotel sometime during TGD weekend or (2) be a leader in our fundraising efforts for Extra Life. We are excited about this development and hope you are too!
  • More Food Options - In additon to the great options available close to our host hotel, this year we are offering lunches that can be purchased in house on Saturday. Save time and get back to gaming even faster with this new option!

All this fun and excitment we will be happening once again at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs. And don't worry, our favorite regulars will return (the Tour of Gaming Destinations, Crokinole Tourney, Wits & Wagers Game Show, the annual Take it Easy event, and more). Early Registration is now open. Hope that we'll see you there!

TGD's 2016 Venue

Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
Franklin, TN - just minutes south of Nashville

700 Cool Springs Blvd.
Franklin, TN 37067
Hotel Registration Page for TGD
Hotel is currently sold out for TGD weekend.

Our event will be held in Franklin Marriott Cool Springs, located just minutes south of Nashville. You'll want to stay to be just seconds away from our 24 hour gaming ballroom. In addition to plenty of room for gaming, our location has free parking and great amenities on site, including a restaurant and coffee shop. For those looking for more dining variety, the Marriott is located in Cool Springs - a mecca for shopping and restaurants in Middle Tennessee. There are hundreds of dining choices within a mile of the hotel! And, for those bringing families, the Marriott has an indoor salt water pool for guests to enjoy. TGD guests can stay on site for just $123 a night (plus taxes).

Early Bird Specials

We constantly strive to make Tennessee Game Days not only a great event, but a great value as well. To that end, we've managed to bring back the Early Bird Specials that help make TGD a great gaming value. And keep prices at the same level another year.

We will update this page when the specials are full, but don't delay, they will fill up fast!


Be one of the first people to register for TGD and stay at the hotel overnight and you'll receive a $10 credit voucher for our onsite game vendor, Roll the Dice, to be applied to a gaming purchase. A great opportunity to purchase that new gem you just discovered at TGD! Check out the Registration page for details.


If you book now and stay at the hotel, we will give you one complimentary individual admission. Staying two nights? We'll comp two individual admissions or one family admission. Not only will staying at the hotel give you more time to game -- you'll be gaming for free!

Plus staying at the hotel gets you admission to Thursday Night Gaming. For this special subset of people, gaming will officially begin at 6 pm on Thursday Night. So staying at the hotel will not only be as convenient as ever, it will also let you get started gaming even sooner!

Still not convinced staying at the hotel is the way to go? That's okay, if you register early to attend the weekend, we'll still have reduced admission for you. So, what are you waiting for? Register Today.

What is Tennessee Game Days?

Tennessee Game Days is an open gaming convention held annually just south of Nashville, TN. Attendees from all over Tennessee and surrounding states gather for three solid days of open gaming. All kinds of board and card games will be available for play and you can find willing opponents for just about any game.

What types of games are played at the event?

As outlined above, the event is focused on open gaming, so the easy answer is anything that you can find an opponent to play. That being said, the attendees of our event typically play family strategy games, or Eurogames. These are games that play in an hour or two, feature decision making throughout the game, and usually focus on player interactions over player elimination. Games like The Settlers of Catan or Power Grid. In addition to these games, modern conflict oriented games are also usually well represented - games like History of the World, Memoir '44, or Twilight Imperium. What you won't see much of are miniatures games, like Warhammer, or collectible card games, like Magic: the Gathering - if your gaming tastes are focused predominately in either of those areas, this probably won't be the most fruitful event to attend. Take a look at our Past Events area to get a more in depth feeling for what a Tennessee Game Days weekend is like, and if you still have questions, let us know!

What is the Tennessee Game Players Association?

The Tennessee Game Players Association ("TGPA") is a non-profit organization formed in 2009 to promote gaming in the mid-south region. With so many cognitive and educational benefits associated with strategy board games, the TGPA hopes to increase their exposure with the general populace. The first step in this effort is our annual gaming weekend that not only serves these purposes but also helps us to raise some funds for additional efforts throughout the year.