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Registration Reminder

Chances are if you're plugged into TGD news at all, you've already seen this, but here it is one more time! Come on out and play some games.

With close to one month before TGD V starts on April 30 (through May 2), I wanted to share a final reminder that early registration for TGD V is drawing to a close - we are poised to have record attendance, but we still would love to see you at the event!

Not only will there be 24 hour gaming (now that we're at the Opryland Resort), but we'll also have:

* Wits & Wagers Tournament with Prizes (sponsored by North Star Games)
* Take it Easy Tournament with Prizes (sponsored by Games Surplus)
* A singles and doubles Crokinole Tournament with Prizes (sponsored by Time Well Spent)
* Our inaugural Tour of Gaming Destinations - were you can play games on a tour and win Prizes (Reiner Knizia submitted a Tour to play)
* Try out new games donated by Publishers and maybe walk home with them - like Days of Wonder's Mystery Express
* Flea Market
* Charity Auction - get a new game and do some good
* A No Ship Math Trade
* Plus with a gaming library of 450 titles, there will be plenty of games on hand to play!

If you register early, it's $30 (just $10 a day!) or if you're part of a couple or family then make a mini-vacation for just $50. Prices will be higher at the door, so register online today at

We hope to see you there - and even if you can't make it, spread the word. :) We want to share out best TGD yet with as many gamers as possible.

Hope to see you next month!

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A Three Hour Tour (a three hour tour) – submitted by Reiner Knizia?!?

Yesterday we talked about our new gaming event - the Tour of Gaming Destinations. Today we are excited to offer up one of the tours we'll have on hand for attendees to sign up and play. It's titled The Knizia Connection (aka Dr Knizia, I Presume?) and was submitted by Reiner Knizia himself. It's a fun expedition themed romp, but rather than talk about it, I'll post it here:

The Knizia Connection (aka Dr Knizia, I Presume?)

* Money (Gryphon)
* Abandon Ship! (Alderac)
* Lost Cities: the Boardgame (Rio Grande Games)
* Lord of the Rings (Fantasy Flight Games)

All aboard for some exciting and exotic travels with the good doctor Knizia. After acquiring some foreign currency, you set foot on board the ship that’s taking you to your destination - let’s hope there aren’t too many icebergs about at this time of year. Then you have a choice of expeditions as you quest to explore lost civilizations - and finally arrive in Middle Earth for the most difficult adventure of them all.

Number of Participants: Groups of 4-5 Tourists
Playing Time: 3-4 hours


We will post more of the exciting tours we have planned and soon have a Geeklist on available for signing up for those you want to go on at the event so stay tuned for details!


The Magical Mystery Tour

Why sit around wondering what you should play next when you can embark on a Tour of Gaming Destinations?  It’s TGD’s new signature event, but what is it?  Basically it’s a gaming adventure designed and lead by one of our organizers.  Each tour has a handful of gaming titles built around a particular theme – the tour guide will teach these games to the gaming tourists and probably play them as well.  Plus, just by participating, you’ll have a chance to walk away with a free game!

We’re excited about the event for several reasons:

  • It provides an outlet for non-competitive scheduled gaming for those looking for something other than open gaming.
  • It’s a great way to meet some new gamers and learn some new games.
  • Publishers have donated new games to spotlight on these tours – so you’ll have a chance to try them out – and win them!

We’ll be revealing more about this promotion this week, starting on Tuesday with a tour designed by a special guest star – who could it be?  Tune in to find out!

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Based on feedback from various attendees, we are reviving the annual TGD Math Trade.  The first question some people have right now is "What is a math trade?"  It is a lot simpler than it sounds.

First, you come up with a list of games that you are willing to trade and share them on a public list.  Then, after the time for submissions has closed, you take a look at all the other games being offered.  You then submit a list of which games you'd be willing to accept for each of your games that you are willing to trade.  A computer algorithm is then applied to all the lists to create as many trades as possible.  You bring the games that traded to TGD and you get new (to you) games in return - it's a win for everyone!  Plus, this system allows for chains of trades to be made - A gives to B who gives to C who gives to A - allowing trades when a one-to-one swap wouldn't work.  Take a look at the games up for trade and add your game today.

If you have ANY questions about the process, feel free to post in the comments and we'll answer them!


Checking out a winner

One of our goals for TGD V is to make things easier for our attendees.  For instance - moving to the hotel will make it easier to get some rest - just game until you're ready to drop, walk down the hall and crash and then rally for the next day!  Along those lines, one thing we attempted to do this year was to try and create a gaming library with a varied amount and selection of different gaming titles.  I think we have succeeded in assembling a library with 455 games for TGD attendees to check out and play.   You could play a new game every ten minutes and still not get through them all!

In getting together such a selection, we hope to make it easier for attendees to find games they'll want to play without lugging a huge tub of games with them.  So head on over to the game library and start planning what you want to play!

And of course, remember that you only have two more weeks to register and save $10 for the weekend.

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Take it Easy . . . AND WIN!

"'Cause it's easy . . . easy as Sunday morning."

Ever since TGD was birthed at the YMCA some five short years ago, the one constant to the weekend has been our Annual Take it Easy tournament.  Now, Take it Easy is not top on the "Hotness," so some of you might not be familiar with the game - take one part tile laying game, with one  part Bingo, and add a dash of risk and reward payoff and you have a fun little game.  The goal is to place tiles so that you have complete lines from one side of the board to the other.  For example, in the picture below, the yellow nines in the center are complete (and would score you 45 (9x5) points).  The catch is that you place one tile at a time and which tile you have to place each turn is determined by a caller - BINGO style.  You can check out the full rules and details on Boardgamegeek.

A Finished Take it Easy Board

A Finished Take it Easy Board

So why Take it Easy? First because it handles a lot of players - each game set is identical so our only limit to participants is number of sets.  Thanks to the generous donations of FRED Distribution, we know how four additional sets of the game - meaning at least another 24 people can compete over our roughly 32 in 2010.  Regardless, if you own this game - bring it with you! If we don't have enough seats priority will go to those that brought sets, and then those that preregistered - so preregister today!  The second main reason is that it's quick - the full event takes about 45 minutes and that includes teaching the new players the rules.  Most importantly, it is FUN - heckling the caller about his inopportune tile selections is more fun than you might think in the heat of the moment.  If all this was reason enough, the kind folks at Games Surplus have graciously donated some great prizes for the winners.  Be sure to block out time Sunday morning to  Take it Easy!


Crokinole Face Off!

We are excited to announce that we've added another great event to Tennessee Game Days V - a Saturday night Crokinole Tournament. The event will feature both singles and doubles categories, so start thinking about a fine finger flicking friend. For those of you that might not be familiar with the game, it is an old Canadian parlor game that is a ton of fun to play - sort of like shuffleboard meets curling meets checkers - check out it's entry on Boardgamegeek for more details.  Plus, the whole thing is being sponsored by Time Well Spent - so there will be neat prizes for the top finishers!  Just a few weeks left to get the early registration discount, so do it today!

Play on the TGD Crokinole board!

Play on the TGD Crokinole board!