TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


Checking out a winner

One of our goals for TGD V is to make things easier for our attendees.  For instance - moving to the hotel will make it easier to get some rest - just game until you're ready to drop, walk down the hall and crash and then rally for the next day!  Along those lines, one thing we attempted to do this year was to try and create a gaming library with a varied amount and selection of different gaming titles.  I think we have succeeded in assembling a library with 455 games for TGD attendees to check out and play.   You could play a new game every ten minutes and still not get through them all!

In getting together such a selection, we hope to make it easier for attendees to find games they'll want to play without lugging a huge tub of games with them.  So head on over to the game library and start planning what you want to play!

And of course, remember that you only have two more weeks to register and save $10 for the weekend.

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