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Registration Reminder

Chances are if you're plugged into TGD news at all, you've already seen this, but here it is one more time! Come on out and play some games.

With close to one month before TGD V starts on April 30 (through May 2), I wanted to share a final reminder that early registration for TGD V is drawing to a close - we are poised to have record attendance, but we still would love to see you at the event!

Not only will there be 24 hour gaming (now that we're at the Opryland Resort), but we'll also have:

* Wits & Wagers Tournament with Prizes (sponsored by North Star Games)
* Take it Easy Tournament with Prizes (sponsored by Games Surplus)
* A singles and doubles Crokinole Tournament with Prizes (sponsored by Time Well Spent)
* Our inaugural Tour of Gaming Destinations - were you can play games on a tour and win Prizes (Reiner Knizia submitted a Tour to play)
* Try out new games donated by Publishers and maybe walk home with them - like Days of Wonder's Mystery Express
* Flea Market
* Charity Auction - get a new game and do some good
* A No Ship Math Trade
* Plus with a gaming library of 450 titles, there will be plenty of games on hand to play!

If you register early, it's $30 (just $10 a day!) or if you're part of a couple or family then make a mini-vacation for just $50. Prices will be higher at the door, so register online today at

We hope to see you there - and even if you can't make it, spread the word. :) We want to share out best TGD yet with as many gamers as possible.

Hope to see you next month!

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