TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


The People have Spoken!

Still wrapping up the loose ends from TGD - if it seems like it's taking a while, it is. I'm also trying to get my house ready to sell, but that's another story. Today's story is that I wanted to share some of the post-event wrap up stuff that's out there. You may want to contribute, make your own, or just revel in the stories and memories. Ahhh, the memories. Anyway:

There are some geeklists out there:

Tennessee Game Days 2011

Tennessee Game Days 2011 - What I Played

What I Played at TN Game Days 2011

And some blog press as well, from our friends at

if I'm missing out on something, post it in the comments!

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TGD VI in the Books!

We had a great weekend full of fun games, friendly gamers, and great fun.  We'll be posting pictures on our Facebook page, and updating the site over the next few days.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that came out for a great 2011 and hope to see you next year for TGD VII!

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Reach Out and Touch Somone

Just a reminder that if you need any help during the weekend of TGD, our hotline is always available:
(615) 624-GAME (4263).

See you Fridays!

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Park it Over There Buddy.

For those daily drivers, here is some parking information that we assembled.

Parking Info

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Planning on Playing Some Games!

With less then a week before kick off, it's time to starting planning what you're going to play - you can use our "unofficial expedition" geeklist to get this started!

Check it out on Boardgamegeek.

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A Three Hour Tour, a Three Hour Tour

No, most are shorter than that, and you can now check them out.  The roster of our tours can be viewed here.

The goal of our Tour program is several fold - its a way for new people to meet some other gamers, a way for gamers to learn some new games, and a way for people that like free stuff to increase their chances of getting some of that.  So check them out, no tiger blood needed to participate but no matter you're reason for touring, you will be winning!

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TGD VI Schedule is Finalized

Finally got the schedule up on the website for NEXT WEEK'S (!) TGD VI. Expect rapid fire TGD info to be coming your way! You can see it here.

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