TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


Deadline Reminders

Just under two weeks to go until Tennessee Game Days 2012. Expect information to continue to flow in -- two things today.

One is that the deadline for posting titles to the Math Trade is TONIGHT at 11 pm CST. You can check out the math trade and all the details here .

The other is a last call, so to speak, for any attendee run tours. You may recall that we are opening up leading the Tours of Gaming Destinations to any attendee that has previously attended a TGD event. If you have an idea for a tour you want to run, check out the guide . Submissions for Attendee Lead Tours must be emailed by 8 CST on Wednesday, February 29th.

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I’ll Trade you my Algebra for your Trig

What could be better than playing games all weekend? Bring some old games you no longer like and walking away with some new titles. We'll help you do just that with the Tennessee Game Days Math Trade. What is a math trade? Basically, you submit games you are willing to trade and then a preference list of what games you'd accept for what titles. A computer program takes that list and finds those kinds of trades that are hard for humans to see (A trades to B, B trades to C, C trades to A). It's easier than it sounds and you can find out about it here. Go check it out and trade some games!

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One Week left to Register Early

Ladies and Gentleman, boardgamers of all ages, there are just seven short days left to register early to Tennessee Game Days VII. Our room block and pre-registration closed next Thursday, February 9th. Why should you register early? SAVINGS!

• Rooms at the hotel, outside of our block, are currently $70-80 more than our rate. If you want to come and enjoy easy non-stop gaming, you need to reserve your room now!
• Prices at the door are $5-$20 more than current prices. If you are planning on coming, register today and save.

We have been hard at work planning another great event. You can look forward to:

• The Tour of Games is back!
• Our Annual Wits & Wagers tournament – this year with local dining prizes
• The Saturday Night Crokinole Single and Doubles Tournament
• Our Take it Easy event on Sunday Morning
• Flea Market – sell those old games and get some cash
• Roll the Dice on-site vending – turn that cash into new games
• Charity Auction – bid to help those less fortunate and walk away with a fun game
• Donations from sponsors like Days of Wonder, Eagle Games, Fantasy Flight, Out of the Box, Rio Grande Games, and more

Go visit our website to register today!

ALREADY REGISTERED? This year, we are experimenting by opening up our Tour program to attendee run Tours. Have a tour you’d like to share with other gamers? Check out this Google Doc for all the details and let us know your ideas!

See you in March. Game on.

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