TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


Carpe Savings!

One of the guiding principles of Tennessee Game Days is that we've always tried to keep the convention as affordable as possible. I think we have actually decreased admission over the last four years, rather then increased it. Along those same lines, we want those that come from out of town to also feel like TGD is a good value. One thing that we've done the past few years to accomplish this is allow those attendees staying at the hotel to gain free admissions to the event. This promotion has always been limited, but we've never hit our limit before - now we have.

But we want to give you ONE LAST CHANCE - if you want to stay at the host hotel and get free admission to TGD, you need to book your room and register with us on our website by THURSDAY, JANUARY 24th at midnight! Act now!

(Discount admission prices for those that preregister will continue through February 14th.)

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And we’re walking, we’re walking and stop.

Have you thought, "hey I could lead a gaming tour!"? Sure you have and now is your chance. At Tennessee Game Days 8, we are once again going to open the doors to player run tours. So if there's a slate of games that you are convinced needs to be experienced, organize a tour and lead some gamers on an adventure!

Here are some guidelines we have developed after running tours a few years:

1. The first is that we ask that only TGD veterans run Tours. You need to experience the event at least once before diving in!

2. Probably the most important thing is to pick games that you (a) like and (b) have played several times. It’s a lot easier to teach a game to a table full of new players when you are well versed in the rules and potential questions that could arise.

3. Ideally, a Tour should be made up of 2–4 games that have a common thread—whether that is a designer, a theme, story or mechanic. Use your imagination! It is also best if you can get the games to be roughly balanced on length so that it’s easy to keep people moving. Two 45 minute games and a 120 minute game make logistics difficult.

4. Plan on all the games in your tour lasting between 2–4 hours. It is probably better to err on the shorter side of that scale as things inevitably take longer than you plan.

5. If we can we’ll help you with copies of the titles, but you should plan on bringing copies of these games with you to the convention so that you have them on hand to run the tour.

6. While in the past we have done multiple flights for a tour, for attendee run tours, we are not going to ask you to run the Tour more than once.We’ll cap your tour’s total participants by taking the number of players from your smallest game and multiplying that by the number of games on your tour.We will be having mandatory Tour sign ups again this year.

7. Attendees on your Tour will earn stamps, so they’ll have the same incentive to participate in yours as in ours. Plus, for all your hard work, we are going to reward Tour Guides with five stamps if your Tour runs successfully.

8. Interested? Great! Here’s what we need—by January 25th, email with the following info (Please put “Proposed Tour” in subject line):
Your Name
Your Tour’s Name
Games on Your Tour
A Brief blurb about your Tour (for some examples you can check out Last Year’s Roster)
Some Times on Friday or Saturday you would be willing to run the Tour. We are going to try and do our best to not overlap Tours, but we’ll have to see what response is like.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at and we’ll get you a response as quickly as we can!


Deadlines and another New Sponsor

For those waiting to make your hotel reservations and register, the time is now. The first early bird special, a voucher for Roll the Dice for staying at the hotel, expires Tuesday (Jan. 8) at Midnight. You need to act now or miss this great offer.

Speaking of great things, we have an awesome new sponsor - Stronghold Games. They will be donating some interesting titles to the Tour of Gaming Destinations. Games that you can try and win by attending TGD. Yet another reason to register now!

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