TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


Coming to TGD? Three things to do this week

If you're panning to come to Tennessee Game Days VIII, and we hope you are, there are three things that you'll want to think about now - before you even leave home.

1) What games to bring?
The short answer is anything you want to play. However, before you schlep tons of games with you check out the TGD 2013 Library. We'll have a huge amount of familiar favorites on site, so no need to bring them along.

2) What do you want to buy?
Our on site vendor, Roll the Dice, is back for the third year. We love having him here to help us feed our need and get that great game we just played. If there's something you've been thinking of buying, please support Roll the Dice. You can contact them this week to make sure they have what you want to buy on site -- contact Roll the Dice at (615) 818-4219 or via email at

3) Plan what you want to play!
There are two great geeklists to help with that. The first is the sign ups for our Tour of Gaming Destinations promotion. You can find it here. The second is a geeklist where people are talking about what they want to get to the table - check that one out here.

There is one final thing -- get ready to have a great weekend meeting new people and playing games!

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Today is the deadline for the Math Trade!

Tonight at 11 pm CST is the deadline to get your games up on the TGD No Ship Math Trade! You can find the list here:

What is a Math Trade? Basically it is a way to trade games you don't want for those your do. Everyone posts games they are willing to trade (that's what needs to be done tonight). Then for each game, you say what game you'd be willing to take in return. Then computer magic happens.

No one has to trade something unless there is something they want. It's a quick and great way to get some new games and clear out some old ones. Check it out! Today.

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Schedule is Live!

Our schedule for 2013 has been finalized and is posted on the Weekend Details tab. In addition, tour signups are live, so check those out as well. Gearing up for another incredible year!

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Registration Deadlines are Upon Us!

You do know what tomorrow is right?

No NOT THAT, it’s the last day to register early for Tennessee Game Days VIII. Why register early? For starters, you’ll get a sweet discount off of the at-the-door admission. Plus your name badge will be COMPUTER RENDERED(!) instead of written by you with a Sharpie. You can register at our website –

Tomorrow is also the last day to book a hotel room in the TGD block for just $115 a night. It’s so convenient to stay where you play, so be sure to make your reservation NOW!

Show us some love and register now!

Math Trade is Live!

Already registered? Do you have some games gathering dust on your shelf? I know the answer to that is yes -- who doesn’t? Turn those games into new ones with the Annual TGD Math Trade. All the details can be found on the trade list, which you can find here:

Don’t know what a math trade is? No worries, it’s all explained – follow the link:

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