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Tour Sign Ups are Live!

For those that have been looking forward to signing up for this year's Tour offerings, they are live. You can visit our Boardgamegeek Geeklist and sign up now! Also the schedule for TGD IX is also up on our website for you viewing pleasure.

Just a few weeks to go!

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TGD – News You Can Use – February Edition

Gamers, we are a mere one week from the close of early registration and things are shaping up for another exciting year for Tennessee Game Days. I wanted to touch base with everyone and highlight what is going on right now.

Early Registration – Until Friday, February 21st, you can register early for Tennessee Game Days. Registering early gives you two benefits: (1) a reduced admission fee and (2) slightly quicker check in time at arrival to the event. If you want to register early and haven’t done so, be sure to check out the registration websitefor all the details before next Friday.

Cool Springs Marriott – As some attendees have discovered, the host hotel is completely sold out this year. For those that wanted to stay at the Marriott and were unable to do so, we apologize. In the past we have been able to add to the room block as we have neared our negotiated capacity. This year the whole rest of the hotel sold out quickly, so we were not able to do so. When you register for the weekend, if you wanted to stay but were unable to, please let us know that so we can make sure to negotiate an appropriate number of rooms for 2015.

TENNESSEE MATH TRADE – This is going on right now! For those that have never done a math trade, let me give you a brief summary courtesy of Malachi:

A math trade is simply a way to create a circle of trades such that each participant trades away a game they no longer want for a game that they do want that has the same perceived value. The simplest loop involves 2 people and is what most people think of when they think of a trade. i.e. I give you something you want and you give me something I want in return.

Math trades use math to find larger potential trade loops. e.g. Malachi trades Power Grid to Bob so that Bob will trade Eclipse to Jeff so that Jeff will trade Indonesia to Malachi.

In that scenario, each person would have been happy to conduct a one to one trade of the game they are trading away for the game they are receiving, but a direct trade would not have worked because Jeff already has Power Grid, Bob doesn't want Indonesia, and Malachi doesn't want Eclipse. Math saves the day!

So this is a great, no risk way to trade some games before the event. If you don’t see anything that you want to trade your game for, you submit a blank list for that game and it doesn’t trade. With already close to 200 games up for trade, you’ll probably see something that looks interesting. Additional details and the actual trade list can be found here. Deadline to add a game is February 25th.

TGD Virtual Flea Market - After the close of the Math Trade, we plan to give you yet ANOTHER way to move those unloved games. A virtual flea market will be conducted on Board Game Geek with a chance to haggle and sell those titles before arriving at TGD. More info to come. (There will also be an actual live flea market at TGD so you will be able to wheel and deal your games for a third time then.)

2014 Schedule and Event Sign Ups – we are working on finalizing the event schedule for next month and hope to have it complete very soon. Once we do, we will both post the schedule and also begin offering sign-ups for our various events. We hope to do that around the same time as the close of early registration, but that’s not a hard promise.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please drop us a line!

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