TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


Leave the tubs at home – or at least some…

Hey TGDers! We've update the library list for TGD X - it is similar to last year's list but with some new additions. There are over 300 titles in the library to choose from - so you should be able to find a fun game to play. You can check out the list on our library page.

That's not to say that you can't bring games along with you - feel free to do so. There will be some unsecure storage in the main room for games that you bring. But space is limited - if every person brings five tubes - well even with just a few dozen people, that gets unwieldy fast. One other suggestion, if you have a valuable title or something that you have done custom work on, I'd suggest maybe leaving that in your room until you are ready to play it. People are careful, but we always find a cup full of pieces when we walk the room at the end of every year. Although we try, they don't always find their way home from there.

All that is to say - there are going to be a lot of games at TGD X - let's get excited to play them!

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Please head to Gate 4B, your Tour is Departing

Thanks for your patience. The TGD 2015 schedule and Tour of Gaming Destination sign ups are now live! It went out soft early this morning, and people are already excited about the offerings and signing up for things that look interesting - which is everything! You can check out the schedule on our details page and sign up for Tours using by visiting this page.

Next up: Gaming Library!

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Last Call for the 2015 Math Trade

Submissions for the TGD Math Trade close in about an hour from now. There's still time to add games that you might be willing to trade. But you have to go do it now:

TGD 2015 Math Trade Submission List

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3 days to go

Just a reminder that Friday is the end of early Registration for TGD. There is still time to get a discount for registering for Tennessee Game Days. Just head over to the registration page before Friday and sign up.

Speaking of signing up, now is a great time to highlight this year's Tour of Gaming Destinations. For our tenth anniversary we are going big? How big? Bigger than ever before - head over to this thread and gander at the many, many options that are going to be available for your touring pleasure. This list is still subject to some tweaks and sign ups are NOT open just yet. But they will be soon. So for now, think about what you want to play, register(!) and maybe take a moment to heart TN Game Days, as well.

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T-Minus Four!

Greetings fellow gamers - for those that aren't local to TGD's home base, we are currently sitting in a block of ice. I ventured out for the first time in two days and the dog promptly pulled me down a flight of icy steps. Bah! Only thoughts of the warmth and love that will be generated by TGD X keep me going...

Speaking of which -- you only have until FRIDAY to register early! Take advantage of that sweet discount and register by this Friday (Feb . 20) by visiting our registration page. The thought of us all gathering to play a ton of fun games is enough to make me forget it's about to start snowing again!

Regardless of whether you are snowed in - if you need something to do - why not post some games that you might be willing to trade to the TGD Math Trade. If you're new to Math Trades, don't let that stop you, there are links to great descriptions on the trade list that will help you figure out what to do. Who doesn't want to trade some old games for new??

And if you need one more TGD thing to do - Boardgame links has a poll on the best Boardgaming Conventions in the USA going on right now. We are so close to cracking the top ten - head over to this page and click the "heart" next to TN Game Days.

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