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Extra Gaming of Extra Life: One week away

Extra Gaming for Extra Life is just ONE WEEK AWAY. While the official Extra Life day was this weekend, there's still time to help make a difference as this event is next Saturday, November 14th. We will gather from 9 am to 11 pm at the Theater Room in the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. The most important take away from this post - WE NEED YOU. The only way this is a successful event is if people come out and have a great day of gaming - to that end, here are some thoughts.

  • The Extra Life site makes you set a minimum goal of $100. We don't expect you to raise that much (but if you can, awesome). Our goal is for you to donate or raise $20 if possible - join our team and maybe make one solicitation FB post. You'd be surprised how easy raising some money to 100% benefit children can be!
  • Regardless of your fundraising - come to the event! Games need people so come out and play. Even better tell some friends and bring them along. Even if you can't raise some funds, bringing along people that are able to donate or raise funds themselves helps our efforts.
  • Unlock more rewards -- $30 and be entered to win a mystery box; $50 and you can game at TGD Thursday March 3rd for free (currently limited to hotel guests) and for $75 get invited to a unique thank you gaming party thrown by he hospital.

All this and more - make plans to come out on Saturday the 14th - and follow the latest details on our Extra Gaming page!

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