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Some Quiet Time

While July is in the heart of the con season, for us it's our quiet time. We are about three months away from Extra Gaming for Extra Life and eight from TGD XII. So we are starting to wake from our hibernation to get things moving. Be on the look out for ore info about Extra Gaming for Extra Life soon - it is going to be Saturday, October 15th. You can get a jump start on things by joining our Extra Life Team now. We're hoping for another great day of doing good and playing games!

My family had a move this summer, so I haven't been getting much new stuff to the game table. If you've tried a new title that we should be thinking about for the library - let us know in the comments! We are always trying to think about titles that would make good additions.

Until next time - game on!

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  1. I really like Isle of Skye. It has great replay value.

  2. Definitely agree! It’s already in the TGD Library

  3. Any more info on the Gaming for Life event? On their website, it lists Nov 5th.

  4. Extra Gaming for Extra Life will be October 15th probably from 9 am – 11 pm – more info coming soon!

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