TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

We're giving away a lot of prizes this year at TGD V!  For those of you, like me, who like to know the nitty gritty of how the prizes will be awarded, I've prepared this summary of how the prizes will be awarded.

Tour and Door Prize Drawing Rules

  • Drawings will be held on Friday and Saturday night at approximately 9:30 pm, and at approximately 6:00 pm on Sunday evening.
  • All drawings require the recipient to be present to win.
  • Each night, drawings for Tour participants will be held first.  The Tour drawings will be immediately followed by the Door Prize drawings.
  • There will be separate prize tables for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  In the order in which they were drawn, winners may choose any prize remaining on that day's prize table.
  • A person may not be chosen for more than 1 prize from these drawings on a given day.  For example, if you are chosen to win a tour prize, then you are not eligible to win a door prize that evening.  You may, however, win another tour prize or door prize the next evening.
  • The board members of the Tennessee Game Players Association and their immediate families are excluded from prize drawings at Tennessee Game Days V.

Tour Drawings

  • Each stamp represents a chance to win.  A computer will randomly select a stamp from among all stamps awarded over the entire weekend.
  • On Friday night, 3 winners will be chosen from among Tour participants.  On Saturday night, 4 prizes will be awarded to Tour participants.  And Sunday evening's drawing will award 3 prizes to Tour participants.

Door Prize Drawings

  • Door prize winners will be randomly selected by a computer from among all registered Tennessee Game Days attenders.

Night Cap Drawings

  • A person is eligible to win one hat per weekend.
  • Hat drawings are separate from the Tour and Door Prize drawings.  For example, a person is eligible to win a hat on the same day as winning a Tour or Door Prize.

Other Tournament Prizes

  • Prizes awarded for competitive tournaments such as Wits & Wagers, Crokinole, PK Cards and Take It Easy are separate from the Prize Drawings.  Winning a tournament prize does not disqualify you from winning a Prize Drawing prize.

- Devon