TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


Last Call for Survey Responses

Response has been strong to the surveys that we solicited about TGD 2017, but we want to hear from everyone that wants to share. If you have time today, take a second and respond to our survey. It is really short (4 questions) and takes just a couple minutes.

Link to the survey.


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Tour Sign Ups are Live

Insert your own Gilligan's Island joke here - the tour sign ups are now live. You can check them out on the weekend details page of the TGD website.

Hope you are getting as excited as we are!

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Early Registration Ends Today

Today is the final day for early registration for Tennessee Game Days. You can go to the webpage and register right now. Why register early?

  • Save a couple of dollars over the prices at the door
  • Save time when you arrive, no forms to fill out, just walk up and get your badge.
  • Save handwriting your name - early registration means a printed badge with your name on it.

Want to Buy a Game? Or Sell?

We have a flea market at TGD every year, but you know what's even better than that? Buying or selling a game before the convention even starts and then swapping the money and game at the event. By doing so, you don't waste gaming time perusing a wall of titles nor do you lug a game with you that might not sell - it already HAS!

Check it out on this list at Boardgamegeek.

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Want to play a Game?

Hey gamers! We are about a month out and we are working hard to finalize events and get a schedule together for Tennessee Game Days! So expect updates to start rolling in at a rapid pace.

Today, I want to point out a list on Boardgamegeek of people setting up games that they want to play at the convention. That's right, a month out and people are starting to punch their proverbial dance cards. Got something that you really want to play? Head over there and make jump in the conversation.

Game on!

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Hotel Block Still Open

Our block was only full for Thursday night, so if you tried to book a stay that included a Thursday it appeared full. The hotel is adding more Thursday evening rooms and it should be updated later this morning. Feel free to email us if you have any problems.

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Hotel Status

We are getting reports that our room block may be full. We are looking into it and will get back in touch with information as soon as we can.

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Extra Gaming is Tomorrow!

Extra Gaming for Extra Life is tomorrow, Saturday, October 15th! Come out to the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt for a full day (9 am - 11 pm) of gaming and good times. All you need to do to get in is register with the Extra Life charity and can do it at the door. Fundraising appreciated but not required.

Those that do raise some money can win some great games (T.I.M.E. Stories, Star Wars Rebellion, 7 Wonders Duel and more) or gain entrance to TGD Thursday Night Gaming! Hope you'll take some time on Saturday to join us and have some fun!

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Extra Gaming for Extra Life Coming Soon!

Extra Gaming for Extra life is back this October 15th! Our 3rd event will again feature a day packed with board gaming and charity fundraising for a good cause – the Children’s Miracle Network. We will gather at the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt Medical Center from 9 am to 11 pm. We will have a large chunk of the TGD library on hand – or bring some games you want to get to the table. There will also be a number of incentives for raising money, but to get in the door, all you need to do is register to be part of our team at the Extra Life website. Watch this space for all more info in the coming weeks, but wanted to remind you all about it so that you can save the date!

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Some Quiet Time

While July is in the heart of the con season, for us it's our quiet time. We are about three months away from Extra Gaming for Extra Life and eight from TGD XII. So we are starting to wake from our hibernation to get things moving. Be on the look out for ore info about Extra Gaming for Extra Life soon - it is going to be Saturday, October 15th. You can get a jump start on things by joining our Extra Life Team now. We're hoping for another great day of doing good and playing games!

My family had a move this summer, so I haven't been getting much new stuff to the game table. If you've tried a new title that we should be thinking about for the library - let us know in the comments! We are always trying to think about titles that would make good additions.

Until next time - game on!

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