TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


Last Day for Hotel Registrations

Today is the final day to register at the hotel to stay on site for TGD! Not only does it help us continue to hold this event, it is super convenient for your gaming evenings and mornings! Here's the link.

Time and space are running out so act fast to make that reservation!

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Bid in the Silent Auction

Even if you can't be at Extra Gaming for Extra Life this weekend, head over to and start bidding on some fun lots!

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Tonight, November 13 is LAST CHANGE to buy Extra Life Tickets

Want to come game for the kids this weekend? Then get on it and but those tickets. Just a few left!

Eventbrite Ticketing Page

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Be a TGD-kateer

All for one and 14 all isn't just our motto for the year. It's the backbone of TGD! This convention simply could not function without its amazing volunteers. Are you interested in becoming part of the team that makes TGD tres magnifique?

Learn more and sign up here.

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Early Bird Registration Update

Hey TGD Nation! We just fixed a problem with the registration process that was preventing people staying at the hotel from registering for the Early Bird Special. We have fixed the problem and the person responsible has been sacked.

And just to be sure the person responsible for sacking that person has also been sacked.

We will contact those individuals that were affected and correct the mistake. In the meantime, if you want to take advantage of the special you need to act soon as it may reach full enrollment before 2018 draws to a close!


Registration is Open

TGD 14 Logo

Registration for TGD 2014 is open!

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Extra Life Game Day – Saturday June 9th

Join us tomorrow for a 12 hour gaming marathon! We will have the TGD library on hand - plus some free food, video gaming, door prizes and more! Free to enter, you just have to register with the Extra Life website, which you can do at this link.

Come on out and have fun while learning about a great cause! More details below!

WHO: You, of course. And anyone you know that likes games . . . or helping sick kids . . . or both!

WHAT: 12 hours of gaming – 10 am until 10 pm! We will have a good chuck of the TGD library there, some tournaments with game giveaways (Ice Cool, Skull King, Game of 49 and Dimension) and some general door prizes. There will also be PC gaming and console gaming to be had if you go in for that electronic stuff! :)

WHERE: Tech Hill (the site of last year’s Extra Life Event), 500 Interstate BLVD S, Nashville, Tennessee, 37210

WHEN: Saturday, June 9th 10 am – 10 pm

HOW: This event is FREE. All you have to do to attend is register with the Extra Life website, you can join the TGD team here. While it does ask you to set a fundraising goal to register, no expectations are being made. Our local Extra Life guild just wants to be able to let you know what’s going on during the year and let you learn a little more about what they’re doing for the kids. No hard sells, just sign up on the website – the only goal is for you to have a ton of fun – so much that you’ll join us again for the Extra Life 24 Hour Marathon in November.

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The What and Where and When!

The TGD Schedule for TGD 2018 is live on the website - give it a view and think about gaming!


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Play to Win!

Back in the olden days of TGD history we had Play to Win games as part of the convention. As we did more Tours, we phased out Play to Win. But we love to give people options, so this year, Play to Win is back.

What is it? At it's basic core -- you (1) play a game from the Play to Win selection, (2) have fun doing it, (3) for playing it, you get your name entered into a drawing at the end of the weekend - and then (4) maybe win that game and take it home with you! Sound pretty sweet? You bet.

You can check out all the play to win games by visiting the TGD website's Play to Win listing.

See you next week!

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Get on the Slack!

We are launching a TGD Convention Slack. Slack is a messaging platform / collaboration tool. With it, you can try and find people for a game during the weekend, schedule a game, find a trading partner you're looking for, etc.

You can sign up at here. It works on Phone, PC App and the web.

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