TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


Early Bird Special Fully Subscribed

We closed the early bird special today as it was fully subscribed. Still room to stay at the hotel and to get your pass to the event - make it your number one 2018 thing to do!

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Registration is live for TGD 2018

Registration is live for TGD XII and can be done at our registration page.

Update: the room block is currently shown as full, we are in contact with the hotel to make corrections and add more space. We will let you know when we have more information.

Update: all is good, reservations should be able to be made as usual.

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TGD 2018 Registration

Just an update on registration - we are having a problem that may delay opening registration today. We hope to have it resolved quickly, but at this point we're not sure how long the fix will take. Thanks for your patience.

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Extra Gaming for Extra Life is THIS WEEKEND

We will be gathering together to play games and raise money for the Monroe Carrel Jr Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt this weekend, November 4th at noon until November 5th at noon. The 25(!) hour marathon is happening at the Tech Hill Commons in Nashville. $5 ticket gets you into the event as well as door prize entries, snacks and waters. Lots of neat perks for raising $150 or more. Check out more details here:

Come out and help us help the kids!

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Game Point – A Board Game Cafe

TGD Nation - sorry we have been silent on the blog for a while. Our excuse? We've been working hard on a new project for us - Game Point a Board Game Cafe. Since TGD's close, we have been planning and executing a board game cafe for Nashville. We'll have over 300 board games, tasty snacks and drinks, a retail component and more!

We open our doors this Thursday, October 26th at 5 pm. Make plans to come visit us soon and play a game or two, or just have a drink in a fun and cool location!

Expect TGD info to ramp up as this gets off the ground - registration will open on November 15th!

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Last Call for Survey Responses

Response has been strong to the surveys that we solicited about TGD 2017, but we want to hear from everyone that wants to share. If you have time today, take a second and respond to our survey. It is really short (4 questions) and takes just a couple minutes.

Link to the survey.


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Tour Sign Ups are Live

Insert your own Gilligan's Island joke here - the tour sign ups are now live. You can check them out on the weekend details page of the TGD website.

Hope you are getting as excited as we are!

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Early Registration Ends Today

Today is the final day for early registration for Tennessee Game Days. You can go to the webpage and register right now. Why register early?

  • Save a couple of dollars over the prices at the door
  • Save time when you arrive, no forms to fill out, just walk up and get your badge.
  • Save handwriting your name - early registration means a printed badge with your name on it.

Want to Buy a Game? Or Sell?

We have a flea market at TGD every year, but you know what's even better than that? Buying or selling a game before the convention even starts and then swapping the money and game at the event. By doing so, you don't waste gaming time perusing a wall of titles nor do you lug a game with you that might not sell - it already HAS!

Check it out on this list at Boardgamegeek.

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Want to play a Game?

Hey gamers! We are about a month out and we are working hard to finalize events and get a schedule together for Tennessee Game Days! So expect updates to start rolling in at a rapid pace.

Today, I want to point out a list on Boardgamegeek of people setting up games that they want to play at the convention. That's right, a month out and people are starting to punch their proverbial dance cards. Got something that you really want to play? Head over there and make jump in the conversation.

Game on!

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