TN Game Days Middle Tennessee's Annual Open Gaming Convention


The Magical Mystery Tour

Why sit around wondering what you should play next when you can embark on a Tour of Gaming Destinations?  It’s TGD’s new signature event, but what is it?  Basically it’s a gaming adventure designed and lead by one of our organizers.  Each tour has a handful of gaming titles built around a particular theme – the tour guide will teach these games to the gaming tourists and probably play them as well.  Plus, just by participating, you’ll have a chance to walk away with a free game!

We’re excited about the event for several reasons:

  • It provides an outlet for non-competitive scheduled gaming for those looking for something other than open gaming.
  • It’s a great way to meet some new gamers and learn some new games.
  • Publishers have donated new games to spotlight on these tours – so you’ll have a chance to try them out – and win them!

We’ll be revealing more about this promotion this week, starting on Tuesday with a tour designed by a special guest star – who could it be?  Tune in to find out!

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