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Take it Easy . . . AND WIN!

"'Cause it's easy . . . easy as Sunday morning."

Ever since TGD was birthed at the YMCA some five short years ago, the one constant to the weekend has been our Annual Take it Easy tournament.  Now, Take it Easy is not top on the "Hotness," so some of you might not be familiar with the game - take one part tile laying game, with one  part Bingo, and add a dash of risk and reward payoff and you have a fun little game.  The goal is to place tiles so that you have complete lines from one side of the board to the other.  For example, in the picture below, the yellow nines in the center are complete (and would score you 45 (9x5) points).  The catch is that you place one tile at a time and which tile you have to place each turn is determined by a caller - BINGO style.  You can check out the full rules and details on Boardgamegeek.

A Finished Take it Easy Board

A Finished Take it Easy Board

So why Take it Easy? First because it handles a lot of players - each game set is identical so our only limit to participants is number of sets.  Thanks to the generous donations of FRED Distribution, we know how four additional sets of the game - meaning at least another 24 people can compete over our roughly 32 in 2010.  Regardless, if you own this game - bring it with you! If we don't have enough seats priority will go to those that brought sets, and then those that preregistered - so preregister today!  The second main reason is that it's quick - the full event takes about 45 minutes and that includes teaching the new players the rules.  Most importantly, it is FUN - heckling the caller about his inopportune tile selections is more fun than you might think in the heat of the moment.  If all this was reason enough, the kind folks at Games Surplus have graciously donated some great prizes for the winners.  Be sure to block out time Sunday morning to  Take it Easy!