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A Three Hour Tour (a three hour tour) – submitted by Reiner Knizia?!?

Yesterday we talked about our new gaming event - the Tour of Gaming Destinations. Today we are excited to offer up one of the tours we'll have on hand for attendees to sign up and play. It's titled The Knizia Connection (aka Dr Knizia, I Presume?) and was submitted by Reiner Knizia himself. It's a fun expedition themed romp, but rather than talk about it, I'll post it here:

The Knizia Connection (aka Dr Knizia, I Presume?)

* Money (Gryphon)
* Abandon Ship! (Alderac)
* Lost Cities: the Boardgame (Rio Grande Games)
* Lord of the Rings (Fantasy Flight Games)

All aboard for some exciting and exotic travels with the good doctor Knizia. After acquiring some foreign currency, you set foot on board the ship that’s taking you to your destination - let’s hope there aren’t too many icebergs about at this time of year. Then you have a choice of expeditions as you quest to explore lost civilizations - and finally arrive in Middle Earth for the most difficult adventure of them all.

Number of Participants: Groups of 4-5 Tourists
Playing Time: 3-4 hours


We will post more of the exciting tours we have planned and soon have a Geeklist on available for signing up for those you want to go on at the event so stay tuned for details!


The Magical Mystery Tour

Why sit around wondering what you should play next when you can embark on a Tour of Gaming Destinations?  It’s TGD’s new signature event, but what is it?  Basically it’s a gaming adventure designed and lead by one of our organizers.  Each tour has a handful of gaming titles built around a particular theme – the tour guide will teach these games to the gaming tourists and probably play them as well.  Plus, just by participating, you’ll have a chance to walk away with a free game!

We’re excited about the event for several reasons:

  • It provides an outlet for non-competitive scheduled gaming for those looking for something other than open gaming.
  • It’s a great way to meet some new gamers and learn some new games.
  • Publishers have donated new games to spotlight on these tours – so you’ll have a chance to try them out – and win them!

We’ll be revealing more about this promotion this week, starting on Tuesday with a tour designed by a special guest star – who could it be?  Tune in to find out!

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