Volunteering at Tennessee Game Days
March 8 - 10, 2019


We have all the volunteers we need lined up for TGD 2019, but come have fun and think about giving some time to the convention in 2020!


Wondering what our volunteers do? We're looking for help in 4 key areas:


Do you remember that friendly face that kindly accepted your money last year and handed you your TGD Passport? That was a volunteer. Registration volunteers assist in the check in process as well as help attendees get a lay of the land by answering the important questions of what's the wifi password, when / where do events start, and has someone found this random game piece that we lost?


TGD has a fantastic game library and all attendees are able to borrow the games using their TGD Passport as a library card. We need friendly people to run the check in / out desk. Providing of gaming advice and/or instruction is strictly optional.

Setup / Tear Down

TGD has a fantastic game library! Said library doesn't stay at the convention year round which is why we need friendly people who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. We transport the library from its year round home to the event and back again. Bonus points if you have a large vehicle to help expedite the process. Note: setup and tear down individually count as a single 4 hour shift and volunteers who help with both setup and teardown get 8 hours of volunteer credit. No one is required to do both!

Tour Guides

Each year our Tour Guides lead participants on a variety of gaming tours which each explore 2-4 games of a common theme. For instance, they might all be from the same designer, have a similar mechanic or theme, or have a temporal relation (e.g. recently published games). We need experienced gamers to teach the games on the tours. We'll have several preidentified tours. For games you are unfamiliar with, we'll loan you a copy of the game and/or help you practice teaching the games at our volunteer only punch party held a few weeks before TGD.


Wondering what's in it for you? Besides the obvious answer of being integral to ensuring TGD participants (yourself included!) have a great time, we have the following perks based on the number of hours volunteered. All shifts are either 2 or 4 hours in length.

  Level 1: 4 hours
  • Free single entry to TGD
  • Access to early gaming Thursday night before the convention officially starts
  • A volunteer hat
  • Invitation to the punch party
  • Entry into the Volunteer Only Drawing
  • Lunch
  Level 2: 8 hours
  • All previous perks
  • A family pass to TGD
  • A second entry into the Volunteer Only Drawing
  • A second lunch
  Level 3: 12+ hours
  • All previous perks
  • Something else awesome

Have more questions? Email the Volunteer Coordinator