Tennessee Game Days XV
Prototype Game Track Sign Up

Do you have a game you are designing that you would love to get player feedback about? Then we have the event for you. Sign your game up for the prototype track. Just follow this link to our Team Up page. Once there you can create an event in the prototype room on Saturday from 12pm to 7pm. When creating the event, here are some pointers:

  • When making a new event, fill in all the fields. For Who & Where, please use @ Clydesdale for the prototype room
  • Please limit concurrent games to four at a time so that there's sufficient room.
  • We use this format in the signup slot count field: 16 players + 10 wait list = 26 slots
  • You have to enable signups. Hit OPTIONS and Signup. Flip both toggles and set the number you want. Then click the "who can view" and switch it to All.
Attendees that play your games will be entered to win a free game, so even more incentive to come give you valuable feedback on your next great idea!