Tennessee Game Days Fall 2023
September 15-17!

In 2014, in addition to our annual spring event, we started a one day fall event to coincide with Extra Life - a charity fundraiser that benefits the Children's Miracle Network and furthers the work of the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. That event soon grew to a 24 hour gaming marathon and then to a larger, three day event.

All funds raised from the weekend's charity auction and the proceeds from the event, after operating costs have been paid, will be donated for the benefit of the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. We are excited to again have the opportunity to do good while having fun!

Read on for all the details about what we'll have in store for the weekend. Hope that we'll see you there!

TGD Fall's 2023 Venue

Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
Franklin, TN - just minutes south of Nashville

700 Cool Springs Blvd.
Franklin, TN 37067

Our event will be once again be held in Franklin Marriott Cool Springs, located just minutes south of Nashville. You'll want to stay to be just seconds away from our 24 hour gaming ballroom. In addition to plenty of room for gaming, our location has free parking and great amenities on site, including a restaurant and coffee shop. For those looking for more dining variety, the Marriott is located in Cool Springs - a mecca for shopping and restaurants in Middle Tennessee. There are hundreds of dining choices within a mile of the hotel! And, for those bringing families, the Marriott has an indoor salt water pool for guests to enjoy.

Join our Extra Life Team

Extra LifeIn addition to the fun open gaming, many years we have had an Extra Life team that people can join to help raise even more money for the kids! Plus, we offer some fun incentives for hitting certain fundraising levels as well. Want to help? It's pretty simple! First follow this link and join the Extra Gaming team (already raising money in another Extra Life team, just email us!). Then hit up that social media and share your effort with friends and family and ask them to help you raise money for children's health. As you raise more money, you earn more rewards!

    • $20 - Door prize entries! - If you raise $20 through your Extra Life profile, you will get two raffle tickets. You can spread those tickets out amongst the games or go all in to win a certain one - it's up to you. Metagaming!
    • $70 - Even more door prize entries! - at $70 and then every $50 thereafter, we're going to give you three more tickets to win win win!
    • $100 - Attend TGD Spring Thursday Night - the well known secret is that TGD Spring actually starts Thursday evening for certain VIP gamers. Want to be in that exclusive group? Now you can! Raise $100 and you will get an invite to the not-so-secret Thursday Night Early Gaming!
    • $200 - Attend Spring TGD for free - raise $200 and well comp your ticket to TGD Spring 2023 - so much gaming!
    • $500 - Free game! - raise $500 and Rick is going to buy you the game of your choice (less than $80 MSRP and that is in print and available through Game Point retail channels). Decisions, decisions . . .

Be the best and lead us! - when all the dust settles (Sunday at 3 pm), if you are the person that has raised the most money for Extra Life, we will crown you the Mayor of Spring TGD 2023! You'll get a free admission for you and a friend, a special table just for you all weekend long, and other miscellaneous mayorial duties. So buy your way to the top and raise some funds for the kids!

What is Tennessee Game Days?

Tennessee Game Days are a series of open gaming conventions held annually around Nashville, TN. Attendees from all over Tennessee, surrounding states, and from places far and wide, gather for three solid days of open gaming. All kinds of board and card games will be available for play and you can find willing opponents for just about any game. During the course of the event, we also try to do some good by raising money for charitable causes - like children's health or helping families with food shortages.

What types of games are played at the event?

As outlined above, the event is focused on open gaming, so the easy answer is anything that you can find an opponent to play. That being said, the attendees of our event typically play family strategy games, or Eurogames. These are games that play in an hour or two, feature decision making throughout the game, and usually focus on player interactions over player elimination - games like The Settlers of Catan or Power Grid. In addition to these games, modern conflict oriented games are also usually well represented - games like History of the World, Memoir '44, or Twilight Imperium. What you won't see much of are miniatures games, like Warhammer, or collectible card games, like Magic: the Gathering - if your gaming tastes are focused predominately in either of those areas, this probably won't be the most fruitful event to attend. Take a look at our Past Events area to get a more in depth feeling for what a Tennessee Game Days weekend is like, and if you still have questions, let us know!

What is the Tennessee Game Players Association?

The Tennessee Game Players Association ("TGPA") is an organization formed in 2009 to both promote gaming in the mid-south region and to host events that do good while having fun. With so many cognitive and educational benefits associated with strategy board games, the TGPA hopes to increase their exposure with the general populace. The first step in this effort was our annual gaming weekend that not only serves these purposes but also helps us to raise some funds for additional efforts throughout the year. In addition, we've also consciously added components to our events that help raise money for important causes like food shortage and childhood health!