Tennessee Game Days 2022
March 4 - 6, 2022

Weekend Admission Prices

Registration for TGD Spring 2022 is now closed. There will not be any passes sold at the door.

Please make plans to join us for TGD Fall 2022 (details and date TBD). Thanks for your interest in Tennessee Game Days!

Please be sure to read our Covid 19 requirements outlined below prior to registration. They differ from what we had in place for the Fall 2021 event.

We plan to continue to conservatively follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines around mitigating the community spread of Covid-19, as modified by the restrictions imposed by the Tennessee Legislature. As those guidelines evolve, expect our response to possibly change in concert with new recommendations. As of today, December 22nd, our plan for the March event includes the following:

  • Covid-19 Testing - Each attendee must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test (PCR or rapid antigen) taken within 72 hours of claiming their badge at the event. This test must have been administered by a public health department, physician's office or clinic and the results be in a letter or email from the administering party. No at home test results will be accepted. In lieu of testing, an attendee may instead show proof that they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. "Fully vaccinated" means having completed the full shot regime (whether that is a one or two shot course) at least 14 days prior to attending the event. Proof shall consist of your physical vaccination card, a clear picture of that card, or similiarly state issued proof of vaccination. At this time, we are not requiring booster shots in our definition of fully vaccinated.

  • Waiver - We will also require that every attendee sign a waiver that acknowledges that you realize that all public gatherings have inherent risk of possible exposure to Covid-19 and that you hold TGPA harmless if you were to contract Covid during the event.

    You can read the current language of this document here. There is a possibility that it could be amended due to evolving guidelines. If any such change makes it impossible for you to attend the event, a refund of your admission fee will be given.

  • Masking - Masking will follow CDC guidelines which currently require masking for everyone, whether vaccinated or not, in areas of high transmission. Williamson County is currently such an area. If the transmission rate falls before March, we will adjust masking guidelines appropriately.

    Due to the fact that we will have more space available for this event, we will offer mask optional gaming rooms for those who would be interested. Conversely, if masking is optional due to a low transmission level in March, we will still offer some mask required gaming space. Expect more info on these options closer to the event.

  • Age Restriction - We are requiring that all attendees be at least 5 years old for the spring event.

  • Food - There will be no eating in the gaming spaces this year. Please don't order take out to eat in the game space or bring your food back with you.

  • Advance Registration Required - Our current space projections will allow us to have about 500-600 people at the event. You must register in advance for the event - we will not be selling tickets at the door, nor will there be single day passes. In order to plan properly, we'll need to have a little more certainty.

  • Refunds - Due to the need to register early and the fact that conditions are variable, we will refund any registrations up to one week before the event if you become uncomfortable with the public health landscape. We will also provide a Covid-19 symptom checklist and will ask everyone to perform a self screening before attending each day - please don't attend if you have symptoms, we will refund your admission rather than have you attend ill.

We are going to do our best to have a fun and safe event in March!

Registration for TGD Spring 2022 is now closed. There will not be any passes sold at the door.

Please make plans to join us for TGD Fall 2022 (details and date TBD). Thanks for your interest in Tennessee Game Days!

Border line

Family Rates are intended for two adults and all members of a household under 18 years of age. If you have a unique circumstance or any question, please contact us and let us know!

Once you have registered, just show up to the front desk at TGD. Give them your name, and your badge will be waiting there for you. In the unlikely event of a discrepancy, just have your Paypal payment receipt with you (electronically is fine). You'll be off and gaming in no time!

Remember we are requiring online registration. If you are staying at the hotel (which is awesome!), you still need to register your attendance for the event as well!

The Fine Print about the Hotel Rates

The base price of the hotel room is $149/night. In addition to that charge, each room is assessed sales and occupancy taxes.

Reservations must be canceled three days prior to the event to avoid being charged.

Parking is available on the hotel grounds and is free.

If you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Tennessee Game Days Policies

Tennessee Game Days weekends are always a fun way to relax with friends and enjoy some great board and card games. We just have a few guidelines we ask all our attendees to abide by to make the weekend run smoothly.

Have fun - Most importantly have fun - meet some new people, try a new game, play something you haven't had a chance to in a while. Whatever you do, have fun doing it!

Conflict Resolution – The goal of Tennessee Game Days is for people to have fun playing games. To that end, please treat others the way that you would want to be treated. Respect the wishes of those around you – stop means stop, go away means go away. If a conversation does not resolve the situation, or you need help, please let our volunteer at the library know and they will contact someone to assist. If an attendee cannot abide by these guidelines or the instructions of TGD staff, they may be asked to leave the event, or have the authorities called, if necessary.

Food / Drink - We will offer boxed lunches on site Saturday and Sunday so that you can keep gaming without a long meal break! These lunches help subsidize the cost of TGD, so please consider eating on site. Otherwise, there are a few dining options at the hotel and a large amount a short drive away. If you go out for food, please do not bring any food back into the event.

Smoking / Alcohol - Our event is smoke free (and drug free as well if anyone needs that spelled out). Smoking can be done outside the building, but under state law (TCA Section 39-17-1804), you need to be far enough away from the building that smoke doesn't waft back into the facility. Attendees that purchase an alcoholic beverage at the hotel bar are welcome to enjoy them while gaming but no outside alcohol can be brought into the venue. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Costumes / Cosplay - There are no formal cosplay events at Tennessee Game Days, nor is it a part of our program. We have had people wear a funny hat or a fancy outfit, but not anything that would be defined as cosplay in the traditional sense. In addition, our event insurance requires that we not allow mock weapons. If you are looking for an event that has a cosplay element, this isn't it.

Photos - Throughout the weekend, we will be taking photographs to use on this site as promotion or to share with our sponsors so they can see their donations in action. Attending the event is consent to your image being used in this manner.

Games - In addition to our Gaming Library, attendees usually bring along games to share with fellow gamers. Please be respectful of any games that you play and treat them with care. As we grow larger game storage space is becoming harder and harder to guarantee. Our suggestion is to limit games that you bring with you to TGD and to keep those games in our car or hotel room as much as possible. There will be the traditional tables in the main hall but much less of those tables than usual.

Kids - Anyone 18 years old or under must be accompanied by an adult to attend the event. Any gamer that has the attention span and ability to understand the objectives of the game is definitely welcome. You know your child and his or her abilities and limitations best. That being said, Tennessee Game Days weekend is probably not the best place to break in toddlers and young gamers on Gulo, Gulo and other great kids games. While I'm sure my four year old will stop by for a brief visit to see "all the gamers", he is still five or six years away from being a regular attendee. We've had babies in attendance before and it hasn't been a problem, but again you know your child best - if they don't like loud, noisy places, then you might want to consider inviting the in-laws over or hiring a sitter.

To further help facilitate younger gamers, we also have a "Kid's Corner." It is an area with a couple tables for younger gamers (6-10 year olds) to play games that are freely available for them to use and return. If you child, under age 14, wants to play a game from the main gaming library, we are going to ask that (1) you check that game out for them and (2) play that game with your child or have them play at the table next to you. We think these few simple guidelines will make things go smoothly for all.

Can I Demo My Game (Game Related Thing) at TGD? - TGD policy is that anyone can use a 2' tall x 3' wide table sign (not a tall vertical banner) to advertise their gaming thing in the main ballroom, as long as people are actively playing games at the table. If there is no gaming happening at the table, and the ballroom fills up, you may be asked to make room for active gaming (this hasn't ever happened yet). Passive flier distribution to gamers at your table is fine, but don't be actively stopping passersby to hand out your advertisements.

And finally, we don't require this, but as we are letting you advertise your gaming thing to over 800 captive members of your target audience, it would be awesome to see a little reciprocal advertisement about TGD through your gaming thing's media outlets around 4 weeks prior to TGD. If it's already inside that 4 week window, no worries; just remember us next year.

Soliciting / Sales - Please do not sell any merchandise in the ballroom or on site at TGD, nor should anyone be soliciting donations or other monetary contributions. We will have a flea market during the event, usually on Saturday. During that time, you are welcome to sell games and other items.