Tennessee Game Days Spring 2024
Weekend Schedule of Events

Doors Open at 8 am on Friday, March 1st
Main gaming rooms will stay continuously open until Sunday at 6 pm.
Library will close each evening around 10 pm and at 3 pm on Sunday all games returned by 5 pm.

Confirmed 2024 Events

Tennessee State ChampionshipsThe Envoy Tennessee State Championship are back for 2024!! They will occur front and center in the main ballroom and a friendly representative from Envoy will be on hand to teach you the game and administer the tournament! It will be a fun way to learn and play a new game and you might win!! Games will include: Bohnanza, boop, Cat in the Box, Coup, Dimension, Finger Guns at High Noon, SHOBU, Silver, Skull King and Coralia! Winners of these tournaments will receive a berth in the Southeast Regional Competition at CharCon and a ticket to the event! In addition, there are also a number of Road to GenCon events where you will be playing for a seat at the National Tournament to be held at GenCon - and yes, you'll get tickets to the event as well! Tournaments will be held in: Euchre, Hearts, Munchkin, and Spades! Check out more details here and sign up in the Game Library at the event!

Crokinole Tournament Warm up that flicking finger for the annual TGD Crokinole Tournament. Even if you've never played before, you will learn this game easily and have a fun time - we practically guarantee it. The goal of the game is a combination of flicking your checkers (or discs) into the center hole while, at the same time, trying to blast your opponent's checkers off the board. Once these discs get ricocheting, hilarity ensues. If you feel you need some tuning up, there will be several Crokinole tables set up for quick play throughout the weekend; plenty of opportunity to hone that perfect 20 point flick. So make sure to grab a partner and set aside some time Saturday Night for the Canadian parlor pastime that has taken the gaming world by storm.

TGD Flea Market We will continue to host our weekend long flea market that we like to call the Distributed Flea Market! Read on for the details:

Buyers: Flea Market games for sale will be on the thin tables along the edges of the main ballroom all weekend. Anything under the tables is personal storage. Games will be clearly marked with price tags, and the seller will have their contact information clearly visible near their pile of games. They may even be playing at a nearby table. If the seller is out of pocket for a while, simply arrange another time to make your transaction. Be kind, be honest, be yourself.

Sellers: Read the Buyers' paragraph. We ask that you donate the greater of $5 or 10% of your profit to the charity. Please pay and return the TGD flea market placard to the Library before you leave on your last day. There are thin tables along the edges. At first, please don't spread out to more than about half of one table (some are larger, some are smaller). That way we can accommodate a lot of sellers. If we have fewer sellers by Friday night, feel free to expand your footprint. But if we end up with more people wanting to sell and not enough space, we may need you to trim it back at that time.

Wits and Wagers Game Show Grab two other people, come up with a goofy team name, and get ready for the fast and furious Wits and Wagers Game Show! Wits and Wagers is the award winning trivia game from North Star Games. Teams will compete to score the most points by answering off-beat trivia questions. Not a trivia buff? It doesn't matter! Players can win by making educated guesses or by playing the odds (it's Wits AND WAGERS). The event will last about an hour and the winning triumvirate will be rewarded -- so what are you waiting for? Start lining up some teammates!

Take it Easy TournamentTake one part Bingo, one part strategy and a helping of prizes and you have the Annual Tennessee Game Days Take it Easy Tournament. Even if you've never played Take it Easy before, you can join in on the tourney and still do well! We play one round, tally our scores, and award some prizes. It's a light, fun game that you can enjoy while heckling our illustrious caller, who always picks out the tile you want to see the least.

Game Library Logo The Tennessee Game Days Game Library houses a large number of gaming titles for attendees to check out over the course of the weekend. In addition to the games donated by game publishers for our con library, most of the library is made up of games loaned to the event by local gamers, so please handle them with care. To check out a title, a guest merely has to go to the library desk, select a game to play, and sign it out with their Gaming Passport. When you're done playing, return the game and check out another, and another, and another - all weekend long. You can check out a list of the library's contents by clicking here.

Play to WinBack again this year is our TGD Play to Win promotion. Throughout the course of the weekend, players can select a game from our Play to Win selection provided by our generous sponsors. After playing the game, you and your fellow players will be eligible for a drawing held toward the end of the weekend -- the prize? Winning the copy of the game you played earlier.