Tennessee Game Days Sponsors

We are lucky to have a number of sponsors that have helped to make past TGDs fun and exciting events. Please keep them in mind throughout the year and let them know you learned about them at Tennessee Game Days!

We are always looking to add new sponsors. Want to support TGD and help us raise money for our charities? We'd love to talk to you!

CrowD Games LogoCrowD Games was established in 2015 with headquarters located in Tallahassee, Florida. Our team is international and multicultural, we live and work in different countries all around the world. We began publishing games in the USA in September 2020. In our projects we tried to reach different types of players: from families and friends to hardcore expert gamers. We have many things to be proud of. One of our games Space Explorers has already been published in 6 languages. In 2021, we ran a Kickstarter campaign for our first heavy game with minis, City of the Great Machine, which was successfully funded. In 2022, a Kickstarter campaign for Evolution: New World attracted more than 3,000 backers. Check out everything CrowD Games at our website!

Double Exposure EnvoyEnvoy is a revoluntionary idea in the game industry, consolidating game promotion in one company to serve as a facilitator between publishers, stores and conventions. Envoy has helped to secure our numerous Tour to Win titles and has brought the TN State Championships to Tennessee Game Days as well. In addition, throughout the year, Envoy Heralds can be found running game demonstrations throughout the Middle Tennessee Area. You'll want to keep an eye out for everything that Envoy is doing!

Keymaster Games LogoKeymaster Games is known for their incredible productions and approachable titles. From the celebration of America's National Parks in the apt titled PARKS to the tricky heist creating Caper:Europe, these are games that you'll be playing for years to come. Partially rooted right here in Middle TN, Keymaster is a great supporter of gaming in our community. Check out all their games on their website!

Pencil First LogoPencil First Games is a boutique publisher of delightful, high-quality board and card games. We create game experiences that range from relaxing strolls through gardens and nature, to epic battles where every decision adds to the shared adventure between players!

IV Games LogoIV is a collection of creative people with a passion for beautiful things. As a commercial animation studio, we create work for clients like Amazon, Oracle, Netflix, Bad Robot, and Cartoon Network. In addition to this work, we love to explore ideas outside of animation - resulting in special projects like our mobile game Bouncy Smash, the Emora graphic novel, and our board games Moonrakers, Veiled Fate, Mythic Mischief, and now Fractured Sky. Please come hangout with us in our Discord if you want to get to know us better!

Game Point Cafe Logo Game Point is a board game cafe located in the Five Points area of East Nashville and now a retail store in the Hillsboro Village neighborhood as well! The cafe has hundreds of titles for you to play while enjoying a coffee, beer or tasty snack or sandwich. They also have Game Coaches to teach you new titles or suggest something when you are having that wall of games overload. Learn more at the Game Point website.

Van Ryder Games LogoVan Ryder Games is a local and independently owned game company that seeks to bring you exciting and unique games the likes of which you have never seen before. If I'm Going Down... (2012) the Zombie game where you WILL die, was the first published game by Van Ryder Games. They have followed that game up with hit after hit, including the awesome single player Hostage Negotiator, Detective: City of Angels, and the new smash hit Final Girl! Check out these and all the great Van Ryder games at their website.